Getting started

Welcome to Gively WP!

We’re honored that you chose to entrust us with your gift registries and we can’t wait to see them in action for you.

To take full advantage of your gift registries, please take a few moments to review this guide.

If you’re already familiar with Gively, then Gively WP will probably feel familiar too you as well. There are a handful of important differences — namely, the way that pricelists are handled — that you might want to pay special attention to.

Use this checklist or the navigational menu to the right to get started. Please note that some of these steps are optional.

  1. Take a moment to review system requirements.
  2. Update a few global Gively WP settings, including providing your license key to receive support and automatic updates
  3. Configure use of Stripe or PayPal for processing gift payments.
  4. Already have a account? Take a few minutes to import all of your existing products, pricelists, branding, clients and orders.
  5. Add the products and services you’d like your clients to be able to register for.
  6. Update your branding, including tweaking our templated copy for things like email receipts for gift purchases.
  7. Create a pricelist or several, if you’d like to be able to customize default prices for different clients.
  8. Enter your clients‘ names and email addresses, and fire off an automated email to introduce them to their new gift registry.

Finally, once you’ve completed all of your basic setup, we invite you to review our recommended best practices for tips on making the most of your gift registries.

If you have a question or a suggestion, please don’t hesitate to get in touch.

That’s it! Happy registering!